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This newest addition to the beer sleeves can be used in many different ways:

Freeze it, Dunk it in ice or pull it from the fridge... Just CHILLIT for the
extra kick!  

Dress up your Beer with it as a unique sleeve, or use it as a drinking glass for your favorite beverage! (Remember you can spin it to mix it) 

Each piece is precision-machined by Alumination Canada with a tight-fitting inner diameter in order to provide a vacuum fit. This is an insulating grasp, conceived to securely hold your canned beverage, crafted with the the thinnest possible envelope of air.  

The CHILLIT drink line covers all types of beverages. But the beer sleeve is available in three sizes:  

--   10 oz (shows regular and tall beverage cans / regular and tall cans show above the top)  

--   12 oz (hides regular cans, shows tall cans) 

--   17 oz (only to hide tall cans / hides tall cans).  

The 17oz CHILLIT creates the opportunity to make a perfect drink every time! With the lid (sold separately) which holds a 1oz shot you can mix your drink by removing the reusable straw the shot filters into the mix getting ready for the spin, which you can do on any hard surface! Plus it has been designed to hide a 355ml beverage can to make this uniquely designed shiny piece multi-purpose. Some customers choose to use it to prevent others from knowing what they may or may not be drinking in public!   

Check out how you can chill your cup,
spin it to mix it, or use it as a vacuum fit beer sleeve in this video below.