20 OZ CHILLIT - Mixing Stein

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This customer request has been a favorite for many. The idea behind this 20oz piece is to utilize the spinning concept to mix your beverage of choice. The perfectly crafted stein is uniquely shaped on the outside for your fingers to rest comfortably plus the pattern is one of a kind. This cup also is designed to fit the 10, 12 or 17 oz CHILLIT (Beer Sleeve) on the inside turning your stein into a double walled beer sleeve. This baby also is designed to hold a standard sized wine bottle. Pull the SHINY from the freezer and keep your bottle CHILLED perfectly.... And Lastly, The lid for this piece is machined to measure 2oz of your favorite shot in the lid. Remove the straw and allow your shot to mix perfectly with your beverage to make a consistently delicious drink every time!