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We listen to you!! You asked for a stemmed UNBREAKABLE wine cup and here it is! This piece stands out like no other. At 8 inches tall it towers over all other shiny pieces. Created to hold 16 oz of your favourite beverage. The shape on the outside is perfectly crafted for the wine drinkers, feels comfortable in the hand and weighted on the bottom to prevent tipping! This piece weights 630 grams and feels like the quality you are looking for in a glass for a special evening. If giving a toast clink these beauty's together to get a strong sharp ringing sound that will stand out! This unbreakable, shiny creation is just under 3.5 inches in diameter and therefore designed for everyone! Feel free to spin this piece on a hard surface while enjoying the unique pattern on the inside and outside, the spinning feature also is great for fidgeting while mixing your drinks. As a bonus, prior to use place, it in the fridge, freezer or cooler to give whatever you are drinking an extra chill!!!